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Bobbin Head

Cowan Creek and Smiths Creek

5 June 2021



A perfect winter’s Club day trip to stunning Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

It had been a few months since the last Club Exploration Series outing, where we take the trailer out and head out for a daytrip on one of Sydney’s great waterways. The first winter weekend saw Sydney turn on some sparkling weather, making for a great day trip up to Bobbin Head.

Nineteen Club members joined the day, making it one of our most well-attended outings in some time. We convened at Bobbin Head at 9am, and were on the water by 9.30am. It was a fairly low tide, so that did prevent us from exploring too deeply into the various creeks and inlets of Cowan Creek. On the plus side, the usually busy waterway was deserted, as ongoing boat ramp repairs saw the boat ramp out of action—which meant we had the full stretch of Cowan Creek practically to ourselves.

We headed north in a single fleet up past Cotton Tree Bay, then divided into two, with Simon taking one group heading back and Andrew taking the other group, pushing forward down as far as possible down Smiths Creek as the tide would permit. We finally rejoined for a sunny lunch back at Bobbin Head with a solid 22km outing under our belts.

Bobbin Head 2021-06-05
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