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River Canoe Club Projects

A number of major projects are underway. This page seeks to let people know where the status of each project and opportunities to get involved. The Club operates on the basis of ‘many hands light work’ and ‘just getting stuff done’.  It’s all part of building a stronger club for everybody to enjoy, both now and into the future.

If keen to get involved, with ideas and/or helping out, just let any of the committee know or send an email to

1. Expansion and renewal of the club’s ‘paddling-kit’

The renewal of the club’s ‘paddling-kit’ (equipment), for everybody to enjoy

Progress to date:

  • 5 year budget established
  • 6 x new canoes purchased – great for adventures, families and clean-ups
  • 2 x salamander kayaks purchased
  • large trailer modified to improve ease of use
  • new PFDs (bouyancy aids) purchased
  • child size PFDS purchased


  • new paddles – research and purchasing
  • spray decks – research and purchasing

2. Clubhouse Upgrades – Upstairs

General Upgrade of the Club’s top floor to make it a social/community hub for the club – an enjoyable place to spend time, catch-up with friends and plan some more adventures.

Progress to date:

  • new kitchen installed
  • ladies’ shower rebuilt
  • defibrillator purchased and installed
  • new curtains installed
  • new digital projector screen installed
  • upgrades to bathrooms eg electric hand-dryers
  • Painting of gents’ bathroom


  • quote to be obtained for new carpet
  • General helpers to assist.

Contact: Robert Law (

Also… planning ahead:

  • Design review of medium/long terms options for upgrades –
    e.g. to open up space to river.
  • Upgrading of existing balcony railings
  • Roof repairs/replacement

3. Clubhouse Upgrades – Downstairs/infrastructure

General Upgrade of the Club’s downstairs to improve functionality, reduce operational costs and optimise storage.

Progress to date:

  • recent general tidy-up
  • new sewerage/waste system installed
  • new racks for canoes – designed, built and installed

Needed/next steps

  • rainwater tank – selection, purchase and installation
  • solar panel installation – securing available grant funding.


4. Clubhouse Mural

We’re working with the Inner West Council as part of the Perfect Match public art program to have a Mural painted on the Clubhouse.

Progress to date: 

  • Project team formed
  • two artists appointed
  • contracts signed
  • program for completion by 30 June established
  • call for inspiration now to April 15

Needed: Join the Club’s project team involved with taking this project from idea to reality.

Progress update #1 –


Check out the video at

5.       Clubhouse lease renewal

The club has been in its current location since 1955 and the time has come to renew the licence (lease). The Club needs to work through the negotiation and relevant formal steps to renew the licence to enable the club to stay in its clubhouse into the future.


6.       River Clean-Ups and Partnerships

– Major events and regular clean-ups.
– Joint events
– Continuing to strengthen existing relationships, build new relationships.
– Identifying opportunities for the clubhouse to increasingly be used by other suitable community groups
– Continuing to build the club’s profile in local community


7.       Improved river access

The current steps are not great/can be improved (particularly for members with limited mobility) and launching longer boats.

Progress to date: We are currently working through design, costing, approval and funding arrangements.

It’s an interesting mix of engineering, landscape design, communications, financial management and negotiation so if you have an interest in improving river access then let us know.

We’re looking to a form a project team to take this forward.


8.       Digital platform transformation.

The club’s digital platforms are currently being updated and refined. We are looking for ways to do things better and improve our interaction with members.

Progress to date:  GoMembership system migration and rolling membership introduced. New website and mailing list for members created.


  • Help to revise website content
  • Someone with an desire to do something with Instagram
  • Someone to learn about our Digital platforms and help maintain.

Contact: Robert Law (

9. Family friendly strategy

The committee has identified increasing opportunities for family involvement in paddling activities as an area of priority—not to take away from current activities, but rather to supplement existing offerings.

Progress to date
–          purchase of canoes.

–          Organising some specific family-friendly activities and trips.
– A framework for family-friendly activities – ingredients for success,
what to expect etc.

10.   Leadership development program

–          Building on the success of club’s beginner program
–          Seeking to support skill development of all members
–          Seeking to continue building a large pool of leaders and organisers for trips and activities.


11.   Renewal of the Club’s Guidelines and Policies.

Progress to date

–          New guidelines for trips and activities
– New guidelines for incident management.
– New guidelines for boat storage
– New guidelines for reimbursing member expenses.
– 5 year budget and capital works plan established.

Needed moving forward
– New competency framework for flatwater paddling
– Consistent efforts to embed Waterways Guide/PaddleSafe App into
the club’s daily activities.

12.   Celebrating and protecting the Club’s history

Archiving of existing images and documents. Identifying suitable ways to celebrate historical paddling gear (boats, construction moulds etc).

Progress to date:  Digitisation of historical photos is in progress.


  • Help to digitise
  • Help identifying suitable ways to suitable celebrate historical paddling gear