Did you know that when you join up with the River Canoe Club you automatically end up with membership of PaddleNSW too?

What does PaddleNSW membership give you?

  • Insurance coverage
  • Opportunity to participate in many great events.
  • Advocacy for improved paddling facilities.

With you on Water

When you join a Paddle Club, you become part of our fantastic united paddling community, supported across the country by Paddle Australia, PaddleNSW and the interstate peak sporting bodies.

With this comes a whole series of benefits. Some benefits relate to you individually, some to your Club and others to the broader paddling community.  This all adds up to good news for you! 

Top 5 benefits that come from being a member of our united paddling community:

  1. You’re covered! 
    • Whether you are paddling recreationally or competitively, solo or as part of a group, you have the peace of mind knowing that you’re protected by our insurance program for both Personal Accident and Public Liability insurance, provided 24/7, worldwide. 
    • Your Club is covered too! We support your Club by providing their key insurances and this helps Clubs keep membership fees low. The insurance covers the all-important volunteers, including the Club committee members, officials and coaches. The events run by your Club are covered by us too. 
    • Additionally, you and your Club have access to competitively priced paddle craft and equipment insurance under our Paddle Protect insurance offering
  1. Participation and Development
    • Enjoy access to the many great recreational and competitive events on offer through your Club, other affiliated Clubs, PaddleNSW and Paddle Australia.
    • Our members have access to skills and leadership programs and qualified coaches so no matter where you are at on your paddling journey, there is help at hand!
    • Access to pathways and opportunities to be selected in State and National representative teams and development squads
    • Become a coach, official, guide or instructor yourself!  Access member discounts on an array of courses. 
  1. Sustainability and access to water
    • We know that access to water is important for all paddlers, so whether it’s lobbying for new access points, for waterways to be opened up, coordinating water releases with local authorities – we are at the front of all these conversations.
    • Sustainability of our waterways is important for all paddlers.  That is why we work with Clubs to advocate with local and state governments to ensure the quality of the paddling environment is maintained and improved. 
    • Safety out on our waterways is vital.  We advocate and liaise with authorities around safety issues (such as PFD use) and are your voice to governments on issues that impact our sport and recreation.
    • We support your Club.  As part of our community, your Club has access to local, state and federal grants that we support.  The funding is often used for Club facility or equipment upgrades that benefit you and your fellow Club members and make your Club more vibrant and sustainable.
  1. Community Connection
    • You are connected through a united paddling community to paddlers with a common interest, all of whom share your passion for paddling and exploring our unique and beautiful waterways.  
    • For those doing it tough at the moment, support is available through the Paddle on Foundation, with funding provided by paddlers for paddlers. 
    • You receive our national e-newsletter Paddle Pulse direct to your inbox each month, along with local news from PaddleNSW and your Club.
    • Fun for all the family! Join a Club as a family and enjoy a 30% discount off your Paddle Australia and PaddleNSW membership.
  1. Supporting the Club network
    • Compliance burdens on Clubs are increasing all the time.  We provide support for Clubs across policies and processes in matters like Child Safeguarding, Member Protection, and Integrity.  We are here to make sure our members are safe, should they need us.
    • Our National Membership Platform, GoMembership, provides a set of tools to support the management of Club membership, communication, compliance and events.
    • Some of the things Paddle Australia and PaddleNSW provide may not always feel important, but everything we do is there to support you and your Club when things don’t go quite according to plan!