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Brooklyn to Patonga Beach

22 April 2023


Paddling in the rain—oh what fun! Seriously!

Four of us girls had the best time on this soft grey day. With perfect conditions—aside from a bit of drizzle and gentle rain at times—it honestly made for a nice change from the bright blue skies this fair weather paddler usually only goes out in.

We launched at Parsley Bay, Brooklyn, and paddled up the Hawkesbury River to—and up part of—Patonga Creek, for a total distance of around 19 kilometres. Entering Patonga Creek meant negotiating a bit of swell and small breaking waves as we entered the creek on which I broached and nearly—but didn’t—fall in. The others did just fine.

The paddle had virtually everything one could wish for—loads of laughs, great connections with new paddling buddies, some surf and swell, sea eagles galore and had my camera skills been good enough, I could have got the eagles along with a seal who was waving at us in the same pic.

Fi stole the day with a brave rescue she did that took place not far from Lion Island in rain and with poor visibility—you’ll have to look at all my pics and vids to learn more!

Some of the best paddling around Sydney is in the Hawkesbury and Pittwater areas, with opportunities for beginners as well as more experienced paddlers, short and long distances, flat, moving and open water. While it’s a long drive for some, it’s always worth it—look out for future Club paddles here!

Video Highlights

These beautiful eagles seemed a bit perturbed by our presence—not that we intentionally did anything to disturb them, of course. Maybe they had a nest nearby. They were near the entrance to Patonga Creek where there was also a very relaxed looking seal.

Pittwater 2023-04-22
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