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Moving Water Training

Maianbar Beach, Port Hacking

12 January 2020


“No participant shall stay dry”, declared the event organiser, Andy Singh, at the start of the moving water training day held at Maianbar. And he did not disappoint on this cool and smokey day, optimistically billed as “Summer Lovin”.

Encouraged to push out of their comfort zone, one by one the dozen or so participants capsized for rescue practice or by testing their limits on edging, bracing and turning in moving water. The team also covered ferry gliding, rolling, rope throwing, live baiting and paddling in the surf. The local SES came to support us and even towed one of our students. Lunch at Andy’s place and a great sense of achievement and collaboration among the group made for a very enjoyable day. Big thanks to Andy!

Here’s what some of the participants had to say of this fantastic training day:

It was a great day. I managed to avoid a capsize in the surf just long enough for the group to call it a day and head our separate ways. A few minutes later I was practicing my roll! Thanks for organising this Andy.

Thanks Andy for pushing our limits…with group support. Great day. Thank you.

A top day! Plenty of encouragement to learn new things outside of comfort, with kindred spirits doing the same and while still safe. No shortage of rescue practice as rescuers and rescuees out in that surf! Thanks Andy Singh, good plan, good vibe, good learning.

I think I am still waterlogged.

Moving Water Training 2020-01-12
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