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Port Hacking

Swallow Rock to South West Arm Creek

January 2016


A fleet of nine River Canoe Club boats ventured onto the Hacking River, starting at Swallow Rock in Grays Point and skirting around the northern edge of the Royal National Park.

We passed through Mansion Bay and then by North West Arm, Gymea Bay, Yowie Bay and Lilli Pilli to get to South West Arm creek. The bustle of boat traffic quickly fell away as we paddled up the shallow sections of South West Arm Creek.

After a brief rest at the end of the tidal section, the group waded the 200m along the riverbank to reach Winifred Falls, a small waterfall with a swimming hole and rocks to jump off.

The return journey was a little more challenging, with an increase in boat traffic in the afternoon and outgoing tide made the channel off Lilli Pilli Point a challenge. A good time was had by all—thanks Eke, Simone, Cathryn, Elizabeth, Amelia, Deb D, Deb C, Francis, Petri, Tracy and Gary for a great day on the water.

South West Arm Creek 2016-01
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