Statutory Office Bearers

The President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary are, under the Club’s Constitution, statutory office bearers of the River Canoe Club of NSW and sit on the Executive and Club Committees. Members of the Executive Committee, together with the Public Officer, are eligible to be authorised signatories for Club bank accounts, correspondence, etc

Simon Wilkes

Simon has been paddling for 20 years and loves to share his skills with all comers. With some whitewater, sea kayaking, canoeing and the occasional race, it's the diverse range of paddling activities and the club community that he really enjoys. 

Katie Vander Donk
Vice President

Katie regularly helps out with training, helping skill up new and emerging paddlers - keen to see others enjoy the sport. 
Favourite places to paddle include Whitsundays, Ningaloo and Abel Tasman (NZ). Passionate the environment.  

Russel Miller

Russel made some poor life choices and became an accountant. He also loves paddling and was an intrepid traveller in a past life, having visited over 100 countries. Being a Cooks River local (yuck - it smells!), Russel is a big fan of the clubs' tireless environmental efforts on the River as well as the clubs dual mission to encourage new people into paddling and to challenge experienced paddlers with new adventures.

Russel has his own accounting practice,

Stephanie Forsmann
Club Secretary
Stephanie has rediscovered her love of kayaking recently. Originally from Germany, she used to be a keen whitewater paddler.
Steph loves the whole experience of paddling and claims it's good for the soul. Steph is also a single mum of two gorgeous kids and is passionate about making paddling available for families in all shapes and sizes.
Melissa Burgess
Co - Club Secretary

Melissa has been a paddling and outdoors enthusiast for most of her life. With experience kayaking on the harbour in open and flat water. Her preference is touring, enjoying the outdoors, being in nature and among good people

Elected Office Bearers

Robert Walker
Safety & Training
Gary Strachan
Membership Officer
Deborah Doherty
JP Collins
Splash! Newsletter
Robert Law

Keen flatwater paddler who loves getting out and camping on weekends. 

Amit Hergass
Bridget Cleaver
Community Education/Partnerships
Full Committee (All)

For getting in touch with the full committee (all members).  Intended for trip organisers sending updates on their trips. 

For most other things, send an email to enquiries at in the first instance

If you’re looking for minutes from committee meetings agenda & minutes, please click here
Please contact our friendly co-secretaries ( if you would like to add an idea to the agenda of any upcoming committee meeting.

(any issues with access? Please contact our friendly co-secretaries for assistance

What’s the focus for of each committee position?

Exec Roles:

  • President                               Lead the direction and priorities for the club, setting up the club for the future.  
  • Vice Pres                                Work with the committee on exciting club projects and initiatives.
  • Treasurer                               Steer the financial direction for the club and keeping us financially afloat while buying lots of paddling gear.
  • Secretary                               Keep the committee and club on track – with minutes, agendas and occasional paperwork.  

Other roles:

  • Memberships                        Ensure new and existing members feel part of the club, and keep member databases up to date. 
  • Volunteer coordinator        Manage our ‘to-do’ list and encourage members to help tick things off. A form of ‘match-making’.
  • Webmaster                            Maintain and develop our online presence, so new and existing members have access to useful information.
  • Splash!                                   Collate fun and interesting articles for our regular e-newsletter.                         
  • Accountant                            Have fun with numbers, pay for things and keep our books up to date.
  • Whitewater coordinator     Be a point of contact for whitewater activities, encourage members to organise trips/paddles across the year. 
  • Flatwater coordinator         Be a point of contact for flatwater activities, encourage members to organise trips/paddles across the year           
  • Openwater coordinator      Be a point of contact for openwater activities, encourage members to organise trips/paddles across the year
  • Education and community Build partnerships with other organisations, to create win-win opportunities and outcomes. 
  • House                                      Manage our club house and make it our home off the water. Oversee upgrade projects like a new roof!
  • Boat Captain                         Maintain our fleet of boats and buy new gear so we can all keep doing what we love.
  • Safety and training              Keep building a strong safety culture in the club. Look for training gaps and opportunities.
  • Social coordinator               Organise social events for on and off the water.
  • Grants coordinator              Look for grants and arrange for applications to be submitted – there are lots of people who want to give us money!
  • General                                           Be on the committee and start to get involved, as suits.