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Myall Lakes Exploration

Myall Lakes National Park

6-7 August 2022


Only a few hours north of Sydney are the beautiful waters of Myall Lakes National Park. Taking the first opportunity after the winter rains in the area, a weekend Club trip seemed in order.

We based ourselves out of the NRMA Myall Shores Park, which offered a range of waterfront accomodation options for the crew. At the time of the trip, both the ferry and National Park campsites remained offline due to the winter water levels still leaving a landscape to dry out.

We enjoyed great sunrise and sunset paddles, where a myriad of both mirror lake and windy as conditions ensued. Exploring around, even some skills practice with simulated towing was in the mix. Many hours were enjoyed both on and off the water. Access to BBQs, coffee and wine all rounded out the experience.

The end conclusion from the crew was that it was a paddling destination definitely to be done again soon. Highly recommended!

Myall Lakes 2022-08-06
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