Paddling Gear Tips (page under development… be sure to check back shortly, or help contribute!)

Let’s face it.. we enjoy having good gear – to get us out into the wilderness, on the water and ultimately home safely . The Club does have a lot of great gear that can be used on club activities to get you started. Over time, you’ll probably want to progressively pick up your own gear.

  • it’s far from a definitive list
  • these are not formal product reviews.
  • there will be many personal preferences out there.

That said, we hope this helps a little… and we’re going to give it a go a while.

Keeping warm – a paddle jacket

A few quick tips/things to mention:
– the above is a Palm Vector Jacket – ballpark cost $160-200
– it’s not a ‘dry top’ as such – they’re rather more expensive .. and intense.
– having a double layer seal at the base can be great for integrating with a double layer spraydeck.

A spraydeck/sprayskirt..

A waterproof first aid kit

  • A few insights
  • 1. ballpark cost $40-60

A lifejacket/personal floatation device

  • A few quick tips/things to mention:
  • 1. Getting one with an in-built rescue harness can be useful – for towing, rescues
  • 2. ball park for a standard PDF – say $150. Top end is around $400.
  • 3. As with most gear, it’s great to find somebody who has one that you like…

A safety flag for kayak transporting (on the car..)

  • A few quick tips/things to mention:
  • 1. Getting a traffic infringement (fine) for not having one on would suck.
  • 2. ball park cost to order on on-line is around $25-30 – definitely a good investment!


  • A few insights
  • 1. Something with a good sole will be important for walking over slippery/wet rocks and prevent cuts from sea life
  • 2. Footwear that stays on when you have a swim will also be important. Unfortunately thongs don’t really do the job.

A tow rope

  • A few insights
  • – 15 metres is standard length
  • – you can make your own or buy.
  • – a rope that floats is import.

A hand pump (bailing device…)

  • A few insights
  • 1. to be inserted
  • 2. to be inserted
  • 3. to be inserted.

Roof racks for the car…(so you get to some great places…)

A few quick tips/things to mention:
1. It’s hard to go wrong with a good brand – such as Thule. It’s what many of the car manufacturers directly use.
2. ball park cost $400.