Risk Management and Insurance.

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The club’s commitment to risk management.

The club has a strong culture of risk management, in the broader context of outdoor adventures.
Australian Standard for Risk Management is built on 3 key principles:
1. identifying risks.
2. mitigating risks.
3. letting others know about 1 and 2, worked on a shared-responsibility model.

Before each paddle, there are a few basics:
1. a short briefing session before hitting the water
2. a risk management plan
3. a float plan
4. people signing in and signing a PA standard disclaimer, confirming they understand the risks.

For regular paddles, a bespoke float plan and risk management plans is not considered to be necessary by the club – through the use of a standard risk management plan and the use of the electronic platform Eventbrite or similar, that allows people to register their details, sign a disclaimer and confirm their swimming ability etc.

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