Date(s) - 21/01/2023 - 28/01/2023
All Day


This is very much a group paddle with some expeditionary aspects (6 days unsupported paddling on the river) but no great technical paddling skills required – just a great sense of adventure.

There is one weir (Berembed) to be portaged, and one minor (potentially grade 1+) rapid to be navigated (following scouting). The trip would suit people who enjoy camping and simply being out on the water in a natural environment for an extended period of time (a chance to “paddle your troubles away” in good company). There will be no access to any towns or resupply for the entirety of the trip. Despite this, it is very suitable for families, including the young and the old, if they are paired with a suitably strong and/or determined paddler. The trip leader is more than happy to provide planning advice, and help match up paddling abilities. If you are intending on paddling as the rear “engine” in a Canadian with either a child or a less-strong paddling companion, make sure you either have the J-stroke mastered, or are happy using a double-ended (kayak) paddle.

There will be regular stops for refreshments and swims (there will undoubtedly be some hot to very hot days). You will see plenty of wildlife, and lots of redgums. For those that are willing, we will share meals. This simplifies the food preparations considerably (i.e. you prepare one big meal for all on your designated night).

At this time of year we expect good river flows (irrigation releases in the order of 5,000—15,000 ML/day), so there will probably be some assistance from the current. The air temperature will potentially be hot to very hot, though it is possible to thermoregulate using the river (that will remain cool due to dam releases) by wetting clothes (e.g. hat, towels over legs) and of course regular swims (strictly no diving).

The exact locations of camping sites will be flexible for reasons of accessibility, and speed of progress. Changing river conditions make suitable sites difficult to predict in advance. We’re allowing for 6 days paddling, though it could be 5 days if the water is high.

More details in the Waterways Guide –

Peter Caley has been kindly pulling the initial plans for this adventure.  Get in touch if you’re potentially interested in the trip, it’s one not to be missed.

A link to the trip master planning document can be found here:

Murrumbidgee River 5 day canoe tour – Wagga Wagga to Narrandera